Are you a student that wants to find a job immediately after you graduate…because most manufacturing programs have 100% job placement, and the pay is…well keep reading!

Not sure which of 450 manufacturing careers is right for you?  CLICK HERE for 20 Questions to find out!

That’s right, manufacturers are hiring students right out of high school and community college 2-year programs and those students end up making 25% more money than their friends do in other jobs. The federal government says that the average salary in manufacturing today is around $75,000…Geez – that’s a lot of cash!

You are basically guaranteed a solid, high-paying career by getting a certificate or a degree from a manufacturing program at a high school or community college in Illinois - not to mention you’ll be doing things that can have a big impact on other people’s lives. You could be making things that have never been made before, or creating pieces for medical devices that save lives!

If you want to get a job immediately after you graduate here’s what you need to do.

  1. Check out the link below for videos that will tell you about manufacturing careers and some of the stuff that’s made in Illinois.
  2. Ask your Guidance Counselor or Career and Tech Ed teachers how you can take classes to prepare for a career in advanced manufacturing, and then…
  3. Start enjoying the magical world of making stuff (including cash)


Check out these videos on our Resource Page HERE. There is some cool stuff that might interest you!