Wrestling with the Skills Gap?

Manufacturers everywhere are on the lookout for workers with high-tech skills – in a recent national survey, 85% of manufacturing executives ranked “finding qualified employees” as a top concern.  With more than 30,000 production workers in Illinois expected to retire each and every year until 2028, the trouble with finding skilled workers to replace retiring Baby-Boom workers will become even more challenging.

Manufacturers Education Initiative
The first step to creating a qualified workforce is getting more young people interested in advanced manufacturing careers and supporting industries like logistics and transportation. The Manufacturers Education Initiative (MEI) does just that.  The MEI is a comprehensive pathway of study designed to prepare students and adults for careers in manufacturing.  Click Here for more details.

Manufacturers can help ensure the MEI meets expectations by participating with their local high schools and community colleges in providing internships for students and externships for faculty.  Working together we can make a difference.

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The “Pull” System
Getting young people interested in advanced manufacturing and logistics careers means assuring them that good jobs will be available after they complete the right education and training programs.  The Illinois Manufacturing STEM Learning Exchange is working with industry and academic institutions to ensure that these programs are available to prepare students for the jobs most in demand.

As a part of that process, the Illinois Manufacturing STEM Learning Exchange is asking our industry partners to put graduates of these programs at ‘the front of line’ for open positions.  We call it the ‘pull system’ – giving young people confidence that enrolling in these advance manufacturing and logistics programs gives them the best chance for career opportunities.

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