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Do your students understand the opportunities available to them? Consider this:


- Manufacturing means 600,000 Illinois jobs.  And virtually all are in the advanced manufacturing and logistics industries.

- There are immediate career openings. As 30,000 skilled Baby Boomer workers begin retiring every year for the next fifteen years and the economy continues its recovery, Illinois’ advanced manufacturing and logistics operations will be in dire need of qualified workers.

- It’s great for hands-on learners.
 Those who demonstrate an affinity for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – kids who like to tinker, build and create – will thrive.

- There’s room to grow.
 With a diversity of roles and global locations, today’s growing manufacturers afford numerous opportunities for career advancement.

- It’s a good-paying career. With salaries averaging more than $75,000, plus tuition reimbursement and other immediate benefits, today’s manufacturers are a great place to earn a living.

- Advanced manufacturing and logistics jobs are high-tech and high-skill.  They’re more about computers, robotics and global tracking systems than assembly lines and forklifts.  And they demand education and training beyond high school.

- These are opportunities and jobs that your students should be aware of – but they also need to know that these aren’t yesterday’s factory and warehousing jobs.

On this site, you’ll find information about these careers, the programs needed to prepare for them, sample curricula and other resources to put your student on the right path. Help them make the connection with advanced manufacturing and logistics.





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