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How We Do What We Do

Dream It Do It Illinois provides three basic functions :

  • Uncover Existing Programs of Excellence: Dream It Do It Illinois identifies the assets within the community that enable you to earn the training and credentials that employers value. These may be found in the business community, educational system, non-profit sector or workforce development system.
  • Establish Career Pathways: Dream It Do It Illinois identifies the necessary steps along each career pathway in the state’s fastest-growing industries, such as advanced manufacturing; transportation, distribution and logistics; quality control and mechatronics to name just a few.

It is supporting development of a system of nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials that align with both the state’s existing academic resources and the needs of Illinois manufacturers.

Dream It Do It Illinois also offers programs like Right Skills Now that offers fast-tracked career training and internship experiences that work to fill critical worker shortages with immediate, recognized employer needs.

For more information about these programs or about exciting career pathways in Illinois, call Jim Nelson at 800-875-4462, ext. 4211 or email jnelson@ima-net.org.


  • Communicate these assets to all Illinoisans: Dream It Do It Illinois connects you with these assets by sharing messages about job fairs, factory tours, job training or professional development programs and more. It provides information to students, parents, transitioning workers and the broader community through traditional marketing and advertising, social media and community outreach efforts.

Why Do We Need DREAM IT DO IT Illinois?

Illinoisans often hear that we’re “at the top of the bad list, or the bottom of the good list.” But it doesn’t have to be that way. That’s why the IMA Education Foundation helped to build a coalition of manufacturers and educators, along with other workforce professionals to bring Dream It Do It Illinois to life. Each has a stake in its success—and so do you.
As Dream It Do It Illinois grows and continues making strides, things will start to change in our state

Employers… will reap the benefits of an well educated and highly trained workforce, one that’s able to read, write, do math, problem-solve, show up on time, work in teams and communicate effectively. These employers will be able to fill jobs that have long stood empty, making their companies more productive and competitive.

K-12 Students, Community College Students, Parents and Educators… will see enhanced STEM offerings and stronger ties with higher education that align to the needs of Illinois employers.  By generating excitement about the range of STEM career offerings in Illinois, schools can comprehensively address the full range of student needs, and more accurately guide students toward their futures, while improving our state’s high school graduation rate.

Illinois’ labor force (including transitioning workers and returning veterans)… will better understand what employers are looking for. They’ll know how to prepare more effectively for today’s workplace. And, with Dream It Do It Illinois’ help, they’ll know where the jobs are. Dream It Do It Illinois can significantly improve our unemployment rate.

Higher Education Institutions… will see increased enrollments and completion rates. Dream It Do It Illinois will be working hard to meet the needs of Illinois industry by increasing demand for nationally portable, industry-recognized credentials that align with the state’s education system.

Economic Development Authorities… will attract more companies to do business in Illinois, and encourage our existing businesses to expand. With proof of a highly skilled workforce, a strong educational system and thriving industries, businesses will find Illinois an even more appealing destination.

Political and Civic Leaders… will see Illinois’ economy become stronger, more diversified, and better able to compete globally.

Want to know more about Dream It Do It Illinois? Do you have comments or questions about what we’re up to, or how you or your organization might get involved in our efforts?

Call 800-875-4462, ext. 4211, or email jnelson@ima-net.org